Periodontal Care

Dr. Johnson knows the buildup of plaque and calculus (tarter) on teeth is one of the most common causes of dental problems. You might be aware that poor oral hygiene can cause decay, but many adults and even adolescents experience diseases of the gums and bone that support the teeth. Periodontal disease – also called gum disease – is almost always without symptoms until it has become so serious that many teeth will be lost as a result. In this situation, trusting a quality Fort Collins dentist is paramount. The best treatment for periodontal disease is prevention, but there is treatment available for active periodontal disease. Our Fort Collins dental deep cleaning experts can help you prevent a serious gum disease situation. New evidence suggests that this disease is likely a manifestation of a more serious, and even life threatening, systemic disease. When you visit our Fort Collins dentist, Dr. Johnson, he will explain that proper brushing and flossing and regular checkups and cleanings are the best ways to prevent periodontal disease. Keep your mouth as healthy as possible with regular cleaning, checkups, and care from Rocky Mountain Dental Care.

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